Chris Wickham is a 26-year-old composer residing in Nottingham, UK. Chris developed an interest in composing for media after studying the works of Danny Elfman and John Barry and their use of leitmotif in creating coherent and unified cues to accompany characters or events. This interest was explored further during Chris' time at the University of Southampton where his studies in BA(Hons) Music allowed him to analyse various orchestration and arrangement techniques, audio production, and the works of late Romantic and contemporary classical composers. This led to a body of innovative contempory classical works which explored aleatoricism and extended tonalities, as well as a portfolio of media compositions for film and video games.

Chris' exceptional aural ability allows him to pastiche styles and genres with remarkable ease, while his innate creativity adds a unique sonic stamp to his composition. Of particular interest to him is programmatic music, and the assignment of extra-musical elements such as landscapes, emotions, concepts of characters to musical arrangements. It is this interest that allows Chris to produce a unique musical accompaniment for any film or video game project.

Chris also manages The Music of Warcraft, an interactive blog which explores the music of the popular online role-playing game. It not only provides fans with a chance to learn more about their favourite tracks, but also acts as a reference for aspiring composers to discover how different musical elements can reflect the geography and history of different lands.

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